2016 weekly goals

Lacking on the week 6 goal! Here’s another go for week 7

Week 5 did not go well. I ended up getting so tired all the time that I would just keep hitting that snooze button. My feet ended up killing me every time I tried to walk/run. I went to The Running Room today to grab a pair of sport insoles for my shoes. I just have to mold the insole to my foot so let’s hope that it gets better. I really need to start training for that Colour Run!

Week 6… I didn’t come up with a goal… I know… I’m definitely falling behind on my weekly goals. So let’s go with week 7!

Week 7… start on my diet again

I’ve been really putting this on hold since the new year. Although this diet is how I should really be eating for health reasons, it’s been really hard to start and quit sugar cold turkey again. So I’ve been doing it slowly for the last few weeks so now it’s time to go of the gusto. So for week 7, absolutely no cheats! It’s time to go hardcore!

In other news, I haven’t been blogging lately because Ed and I have been starting our 9-week course for adoption! We haven’t totally given up on having our own kids but at the same time, we also know that we want to adopt. So for us, whichever comes first, we will be thrilled! So we started the adoption process 🙂 More on that later!

Week 7, here I come!


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